Professor Micah Siegel


Micah Siegel

consulting associate professor

Electrical Engineering




Micah joined the faculty of Stanford in 2006 and he is currently a Consulting Associate Professor in the School of Engineering. Since 2010, his consulting work through C2C Patents has focused on economic issues that arise in technology, such as commercial litigation, licensing and technology damages analysis, and investing in technologies as spin-out companies. His laboratory research focused on developing and improving practical technologies for large markets undergoing rapid growth or change. From 2006-2013 he taught EE204 (aka "Economics for Engineers"), which is a graduate survey course on New Product Development, Intellectual Property, Marketing and Finance for Stanford's Engineering and Computer Science graduate students. Prior students of EE204 have included the founders of Google, Yahoo!, Junglee (sold to for $180 Million), ZenPayroll and Katango (sold to Google in 2011).

Micah has pursued dual careers in industry and academia. He is an active investor in companies formed by Stanford students, faculty, and former students at the earliest stage (often before there is a company) as an individual and through his private venture capital fund, C2C Ventures. Micah’s passion is helping entrepreneurs, professors and students create the “Next Big Thing” in mobile and enterprise software, medical technologies, and professional services businesses. As an individual, Micah was a founding investor and adviser to BioImagene (spun out of UCLA in 2003, acquired in 2010 by Roche for $100 Million in cash), Stack Overflow (spun out of Fog Creek Software in 2010), Hadapt (spun out of Yale in 2011, acquired in 2014 by Teradata), Judicata (spun out of Stanford in 2012), Cellular Research, Inc. (spun out of Stanford in 2013), and C2C Patents (spun out of Stanford in 2014). Previously, he was the founding investor and board member of Affinity Circles (spun out of Stanford in 2002, acquired in 2006 by Google), Adapt Technologies (spun out of Caltech in 2004, acquired in 2008 by Webvisible, now a subsidiary of The Berry Company), and an IP litigation partnership (2004, exited successfully in 2006). These companies have raised more than $70 Million in seed-stage venture capital.

Since 1999, Micah has been a Managing Director at C2C Ventures, a seed-stage venture capital firm he co-founded in Palo Alto. His emphasis at C2C is sourcing and financing seed-stage technology companies out of universities. From 2010-2013 he worked with Intellectual Ventures, a large investment fund family (total capital > $5B) dedicated to patents (over 30,000 patents and applications) to develop patent valuation models, royalty analyses, apportionment theories, exhaustion models, and licensing revenue projections.

Micah began his academic career in 1993 working directly for Carver Mead. In 1999, he and Craig Johnson formed C2C Ventures. He is a techie and the co-inventor of several U.S. patents related to electronic advertising and genetic engineering, and was recognized in 2003 by MIT's Technology Review magazine, as "one of the top 100 innovators of the world" ("TR100 List") and in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 by Intellectual Asset Management Magazine as one of the world's 250 "Leading IP Strategists" ("IAM 250"). He was born the oldest of six children and raised in Okemos, Michigan. He graduated from Yale University (Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude) with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and received a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology. He can be reached at and on twitter